Error: Something went wrong initializing Creative Cloud Libraries

Error: Something went wrong initializing Creative Cloud Libraries

11 Jan 2019 0 By admin

Dear support team and community,


I got the error message in all Adobe Creative Cloud applications in the last few days
and I tried all hints for solution but it did not help.
So I could not connect to the CC Library, and in Muse it was not possible to preview
the page/site in browser or preview the page inside Muse. The only way to preview
was to export to html and click the file manually – how annoying


But what helped, was deinstalling “Advanced System Care” – an application I installed
a few weeks ago, it partially helped to boost my computer, but since my last windows
update a few days ago (when my problem with CC Libary started), there felt something wrong
with my internet and computer stability – and also the CC apps loaded much slower than usual 3,5


I dont know which settings were changed with Advanced System Care, and if they were
now changed back to their previous state with the deinstallation…but it worked.
The deinstallation of Advanced System Care also made my Avast Premier work again.
Avast Premier had the error message “UI failed to load”.


Maybe this information is helpful for the support team.


Sorry for my bad english grammar I tried my best and hope you understand everything.
Otherwise just ask for more details.


Best regards,


My system is on Windows 10

3,5 Ghz i7
16GB DDR3 Ram
GeForce GTX 1070
Avast Premier & Avast Cleanup Premium

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