Easy way to backup all the settings, preferences and preset?

Easy way to backup all the settings, preferences and preset?

12 Jan 2019 0 By admin

every time I need to do a clean install of windows, I find the same struggle: enter each program, search through all menus and panels and export, and make a backup of many things separately.


to Photoshop they ripped the function of sync. The main feature with wich they sold us the “creative cloud” as soon as they changed to the subscription model.

Premiere, After Effects y Media Encoder have it, and while it works well, they could add more options to synchronize. like custom bins, presets, scripts, etc.


if it is not a viable option, they could centralize all the things that we personalize in one same directory “user friendly” to be able to create a backup with ease.

All in the same place. Documents seems to be a valid option, as it does with most stuffs Pr and Ae.


Appdata, local, roaming, common etc. Wtf? Why go looking for customizations, extensions and things that we add in these folders? No way.


I think that all the personalization or things that we add would have to give you the option to change the directory from the creative cloud app or from each particular app. With this I mean market assets, the scripts folder of Ae, the preset and customs bins in premiere, brushes, palletes and other stuffs of photoshop



if we have all that in one same directorie in, for example “Documents” or in the Creative Cloud root folder, we could have a manual backup of everithing!

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