CC 2019 Apps Rubbish

CC 2019 Apps Rubbish

11 Jan 2019 0 By admin

I need to rant.


So I made the grand mistake of updating all of the CC 2019 Apps I use, Acrobat, Bridge, Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop and well that was a huge mistake. All of them are ridiculously slow, colour profiles don’t stick when I’ve set them up. Acrobat has gotten worse than before and I don’t how that is even possible. It sucks so much memory and is so slow anyway that I can’t believe they made it worse.


Anyway back to InDesign

Workspaces don’t stick. Only appear after I click on something that should be in my space. Congrats on that one Adobe. It’s credibly slow. It asks me every single time about the colour profile of the document. Tried to find out how to turn that crap off but can’t find a way. Tried to make my profiles stick too and that doesn’t wanna work. Hangs.. ALOT. Slow to save files.



Slow. Slow. Slow. Takes about 10 minutes to open a 50kb file. Hangs.. ALOT. Slow to save files.



Slow. Slow. Slow. Hangs.. ALOT. Slow to save files.


Oh and I have 11 machines running this hunk of junk so I think I spend enough money annually with Adobe to tell them to sort their sh*t out.

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