Best Macbook Pro for using Adobe CC?

Best Macbook Pro for using Adobe CC?

11 Jan 2019 0 By admin



I’m looking at switching from my old 2012 iMac to a new macbook pro as I’m a video editor for a small TV company. if i went for a a fully kitted out 15in model i’d be looking around £6500 which i cannot afford, but i also don’t want to get a basic model that won’t be able to run all the CC programs and have slow export times.


We are mainly editing 30 minute shows at 1080, rarely anything at 4K so could anyone point me in the general direction of what specs I should be looking at for a mid range model that wont break the bank but i should get at least a good 4-5 years with no slow down issues on. My budget is around £2000/2500


Many Thanks


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