Adobe charging for cancelled subscription!! SCAM

Adobe charging for cancelled subscription!! SCAM

12 Jan 2019 0 By admin

On September 26th 2018 I subscribed to a trial version of Adobe Pro, which I cancelled day the after, as the program didn’t work for what I needed it. I contacted Customer Care twice on September 27th. On the first time, the agent said I had to wait a few hours until a “change plan” button showed up on my profile so I could cancel it. It never did. I contacted Adobe again and I finally managed to cancel my the plan (I have even received an email saying that my subscription was cancelled). Now to my surprise I’ve just found out that Adobe charged 18 euros on my account on January 5th 2019. And I’ve just now realized that they have been charging me monthly since October 2018!!!


I’m absolutely sure my subscription it’s cancelled: it doesn’t show up on my profile and when I open Adobe Acrobat it says “subscription expired”.


I tried contacting Adobe’s support this morning and they claim they are having technical issues and that I should contact back later. So I’m raising this issue here, because to me it just sounds like a huge SCAM and Adobe keeps using technical issues to get money from Costumers!


I want an official answer from Adobe and I want to be refunded immediately.

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